"Like so many other company founders who are immigrants, I feel lucky to have been given the chance to establish and fund companies in the United States. And I stand in support of every effort to make the success of others who follow the same path less about luck, and more about opportunity."

-Deepak Kamra

At Canaan, we believe that there are two things driving U.S. economic growth and job creation: Venture-backed startup companies and immigration. In fact, since 1990, 25% of venture-financed companies in the U.S. have been founded by immigrant entrepreneurs.

In Canaan’s portfolio alone, nearly one quarter of our U.S. startups have at least one foreign-born national as a member of their founding team. They’re entrepreneurs with roots in 5 different continents. From such countries as Bulgaria, Canada, China, Denmark, Ecuador, Egypt, France, Germany, Hungary, Iran, India, Israel, Lebanon, Russia, South Africa, Sri Lanka, Taiwan, Turkey, and the United Kingdom.

We’re strong supporters of Immigration Reform and we look forward to funding future immigrant entrepreneurs.

Our Melting Pot Runneth Over.