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Colleen is a Principal on Canaan’s Healthcare Team. Leveraging her scientific training, Colleen is actively involved in our company creation efforts. She led Canaan's investment in Arrakis and sits on their board. Colleen holds an operational role at Antiva Biosciences and observes on the boards of Spyryx Biosciences, NextCure, and Arvinas. Previously she was a board observer at Novira Therapeutics which was acquired by Johnson&Johnson. She is a Visiting Research Scientist in the Department of Pharmacology at the Yale School of Medicine and helped to launch the Canaan-Yale Fellowship program. She is also a reviewer for the Long Island Biosciences Hub, the Robertson Therapeutic Development Fund at Rockefeller University, and an adviser to PITCH (Program in Innovative Therapeutics for Connecticut’s Health).

Prior to joining Canaan in 2014, Colleen worked as a chemist at Pharmaceutical Manufacturing and Research Services. Her responsibilities included ordering and release testing of raw materials and analytical support of drug product development, ranging from preclinical feasibility studies to commercial supply. She also interned as a bioscience analyst for the inaugural class of Entrepreneurship Lab NYC, an accelerator program for healthcare startups.

Colleen holds a Ph.D. in Cellular and Molecular Physiology from Yale University, where her research was aimed at identifying a role for aberrant intracellular calcium signals in the development of metabolic syndrome. She served as co-president of the Yale Healthcare and Life Sciences Club and organized the annual Yale Business of Biotech seminar. Colleen also holds a BA in Chemistry from the University of Pennsylvania.

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I love to be outside and I love to race. I compete in running, cycling, and triathlon races including Ironman. I also enjoy cooking vegetarian meals and making everything I can from scratch.