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Roseanne Wincek joined Canaan Partners' Menlo Park office in 2012 and is a Principal on the Technology Team. She loves the human element of technology - the way in which it can immediately and tangibly impact lives. Possibly the biggest nerd you will ever meet, Roseanne started life as a chemist and biophysicist, but we're delighted that we were able to woo her to our side. Roseanne is currently a board member at UNIFi Software.
Roseanne dropped out of her Ph.D. to start imthemusic, where she built music apps on the early Facebook platform. She's been a product manager on both the consumer and enterprise sides for companies like NextBio and Wiser You. She was also an associate with McKinsey & Company in New York but couldn't bear being away from startups and the energy of the Valley.
Roseanne holds an MBA from the Stanford Graduate School of Business, where she served as Co-President of the VC Club and Chair of the Social Committee. She also holds an M.S. in Biophysics and a B.S. in Chemistry, both from the University of California, Berkeley, where her research focused on applying single molecule techniques to the unfolded state of proteins.

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+1 650 854 8092
Silicon Valley

"I love the human element of technology and the way it impacts lives."

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"Making food & mischief. Applying what I learned in the lab to the kitchen. Being outside - running, hiking, spontaneous adventures, etc. Laughing. Staying up way too late reading way too much. Obsessively learning (hence all that school). Filling my passport as much as possible (36 countries and counting)."