Tim Shannon

General Partner / East Coast

Since 2009

Tim pairs his operating experience and medical background to create value for companies from the earliest stage through FDA approval. Prior to becoming an investor, Tim was president and chief executive officer of CuraGen, a publicly traded biopharmaceutical company focused on oncology. He began his career as a pulmonary and critical care physician. Tim earned his medical degree from the University of Connecticut and has a B.A. in chemistry from Amherst College.

Tim in 5

Travel: Did it early in life - I like New England now!

Sport: UCONN Basketball

Family: Large

Accomplishments: Raising 5 children (a work in progress)

Bucket List: Completing 10th marathon



  • Civitas Therapeutics
    Acquired by Acorda Therapeutics
  • CytomX
  • NextCure
    IPO (NXTC)
  • Novira Therapeutics
    Acquired by Johnson & Johnson
  • Rallybio
    Nasdaq (RLYB)


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Tim in 5

Travel: Did it early in life - I like New England now!

Sport: UCONN Basketball

Family: Large

Accomplishments: Raising 5 children (a work in progress)

Bucket List: Completing 10th marathon