The Women Who Venture (WoVen) Podcast

Tune into the WoVen Podcast, a series hosted by Nina Kjellson and Laura Chau. Each episode explores specific inflection points in our guests lives -- those make or break moments that shaped who they are and where they are today -- and their sources of drive and inspiration.

WoVen is a platform that fosters community and programming for women across the innovation ecosystem. WoVen represents women in venture capital, in venture-backed companies and other adventuresome women in healthcare, tech and business. More on the WoVen community and programming here

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The Best of WoVen: Self-care and how to look after body and mind

Co-host, Laura Chau explores how past guests approach self-care.

The Best of WoVen: Resilience and how to bounce back stronger

Our guests share some of the toughest challenges they've faced, whether unexpected hurdles in their personal lives, profound moments of self-doubt,...

WoVen Podcast: The woman who gets inside the heads of execs at Facebook, Google and more - A conversation with Glo Harris

Glo Harris is a leadership coach who trades in concepts such as self-confidence, self-awareness, mission/vision, truth-speaking, team alignment,...

WoVen Podcast: Minting a thriving global marketplace of artists from a niche stationary brand - A conversation with Mariam Naficy

Mariam Naficy is the founder and CEO of Minted, an online design marketplace that produces stationery, paper goods, home decor products, and...

WoVen Podcast: Democratizing healthcare with activist roots - A conversation with Amy DuRoss

Nina sits down with Amy DuRoss, co-founder and CEO of Vineti, a digital health company with a software solution to drive and scale personalized...

WoVen Podcast: Keeping it real in business & fashion - A conversation with Julie Wainwright of The RealReal

Laura Chau sits down with Julie Wainwright, Founder and CEO of The RealReal. Deemed "tycoon of the preowned" by The New York Times, Julie is a true...

WoVen Podcast: Beauty, burnout and bitcoin with the original Influencer, Michelle Phan

Laura Chau sits down with Michelle Phan, digital entrepreneur, Founder of EM Cosmetics and the original creator and influencer, far before those...

WoVen Podcast: Working with grit (and a patient's perspective) in women’s health - A conversation with Gail Maderis

This week's guest is Gail Maderis, president and CEO of Antiva, a biotech company that's developing novel, topical therapeutics for the treatment...

WoVen Podcast: Building a brand (and a dream) with fewer, better things - A conversation with Karla Gallardo

Karla Gallardo is the co-founder and CEO of Cuyana, a San Francisco-based women's clothing and lifestyle brand. Born and raised in Ecuador, her...

WoVen Podcast: Blazing a trail (and building a family) as a pioneering VC - A conversation with Ginger More

This episode of the WoVen Podcast features Ginger More, a true pioneer in the male-dominated venture capital world of the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s. Tune...

WoVen Podcast: Feeding the world (and saving the planet) - A conversation with Julia Collins

Julia Collins has dedicated her career to tackling some of the most difficult problems that our world faces: food insecurity, agricultural damage,...

WoVen Podcast: Crafting success (and balance) in venture - A conversation with Wende Hutton

Our guest for this episode is Canaan General Partner Wende Hutton, who has been a venture capitalist for more than 25 years -- a remarkable feat...

WoVen Podcast: Whipping up magic, from cupcake mogul to serial entrepreneur - A conversation with Candace Nelson

Our guest for this episode is Candace Nelson, whose career spans brick and mortar retail, e-commerce, media and investing. Her philosophy is that...

WoVen Podcast: Breaking ground (and battling bias) in brain surgery - A conversation with Dr. Odette Harris

Our guest for this episode is Dr. Odette Harris. She made history last year when Stanford’s department of neurosurgery announced she would become...

Nina Kjellson: Introducing the WoVen Podcast, a series that celebrates remarkable women in healthcare, tech & business

We created this series to share (at some scale) women’s stories about how they achieve and how they do life.