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Washington Post: How technology can help seniors beat loneliness and isolation

Byron Ling: Papa –The future of home health in the making

Forbes: Digital health’s newest unicorn provides lonely people with a "family on demand"

Hootan Rashidifard: Am I too late?

Byron Ling: Italic – leading the revolution in consumer-to-manufacturer (C2M) internet commerce

Hootan Rashidifard: The Crypto Bridge

TechCrunch: Ladder raises $100M on a $900M valuation for a platform selling flexible life insurance

Business Insider: Here's the 12-page deck that Ladder, a startup disrupting the 'crown jewel' of the insurance market, used to nab $100M

Bloomberg: Ladder nabs $900M valuation

Forbes: Tia raised $100M to turbocharge women’s health

Forbes: Why Ro is turning to Walmart for its next phase of growth

Bloomberg: 'Tattoo for a year' startup inks a $20M funding round

Fierce Biotech: Ro scoops up at-home testing startup Kit on the heels of Workpath, Modern Fertility acquisitions

Bloomberg: Jordan, Gretzky and more invest in live-sports streaming service

New York Times: Inside the ‘deadly serious’ world of e-sports in South Korea

TechCrunch: Spotify acquires Podz, a podcast discovery platform

Laura Chau: Tempo – Building the AI-powered Home Gym of the Future

Laura Chau: Latch – Creating the OS for buildings

Laura Chau: BetterUp – How BetterUp built a $1B coaching biz

VentureBeat: Forte raises $185M at $1B valuation for blockchain game platform

Fortune: Health care startup Ro acquires Modern Fertility in a deal signaling growth in women’s health sector

Laura Chau: How Mirror became Lululemon’s crown jewel

Axios: Blockchain gaming platform Forte valued at $1B

Laura Chau: Imperfect Foods – Mission with a margin

Laura Chau: goPuff – From college campus to $9B

Bloomberg: Instacart expands online food-stamp payments, challenging rivals

Laura Chau: Cameo – Taking celebrity to unicorn status

Los Angeles Times: Car rental rates are through the roof: Here’s what you can do to save money

Laura Chau: Cuyana – Lessons on building a lasting brand

Business Insider: A 'perfect storm' is causing massive rental car shortages and prices are skyrocketing up to $700 per day in popular destinations

CNN: Rental car shortage is a boon for Turo, the Airbnb of cars

CNBC: 70% of Americans want a side hustle: Here's where to start

TechCrunch: Elder tech company, Papa, raises $60M

Byron Ling: Doubling down on Papa – Why COVID was the shock we needed to improve care for older adults

Laura Chau: Instacart – Growth lessons from Seed to $39B

Finding Genius: Laura Chau, Canaan

The Globe and Mail: Stepping on the gas: Canadian online car selling platform Clutch secures $60-million to build national platform

Laura Chau: Announcing our investment in Clutch

Forbes: Ephemeral Tattoo, The first-ever made-to-fade tattoo company, rethinks the traditional tattoo parlor

Forbes: Digital health startup Ro raised $500M At $5B Valuation

Fast Company: Would you get a tattoo that fades in a year? Ephemeral is banking on it

Protocol: Jack Dorsey is so money – What Tidal and banking do for Square

CNBC: Instacart taps Goldman Sachs banker as CFO ahead of expected 2021 IPO

Forbes: How Bravo Sierra’s founders built a military testing ground for consumer products

Business Insider: Investors are betting $1.4B that gig workers can transform an essential but invisible part of healthcare.

Forbes: ManiMe cofounders named to Forbes #30Under30

Business Insider: Investors are betting big that Papa can succeed by applying Uber's gig-work strategy to home care

Vogue: 60 special holiday gifts from Vogue’s favorite small businesses

TIME: The best inventions of 2020 - A made-to-order manicure

Vogue: Governor Cuomo and his daughter launch New York’s “Mask Up” campaign with The RealReal

Forbes: The rise of telemedicine - The new brand offering customized prescription skincare formulas online

Laura Chau: Zoomtopia - What Zoom gets right and what it is still missing

Bloomberg: Instacart valuation jumps to $17.7B in grocery investment

TechCrunch: Instacart raises $200M more at $17.7B valuation

TechCrunch: Papa raises $18M it expand its business connecting older adults with virtual and in-person companions

TODAY: Allure's best of beauty 2020, featuring ManiMe

Axios: ManiMe raises $6 million as at-home manicures boom in the pandemic

Worth: New technologies are ushering in the biggest revolution in senior care in over a century

Fortune: Zachariah Reitano, Co-founder and CEO of Ro named to 40 under 40 list

Forbes: Walmart Takes A Smart Step By Teaming Up With Instacart On Delivery

NY Magazine: The best canned cocktails, according to bartenders and drinks experts

CNN: Instacart partners with Walmart to compete with Amazon

Essence: These Black women athletes are investing in tech to close the gender pay gap. Here’s Why

Forbes: Telehealth Startup Ro Is Now Valued At $1.5 Billion After Closing $200 Million Funding Round

CNBC: Ro, a 3-year-old online health provider, just raised a new round that values it at $1.5 billion

Fortune: The fight against fast fashion means buying fewer clothes—and this retailer encourages that

The Information: Instacart blows past Walmart in online grocery business

Laura Chau: The next great consumer companies won’t be exclusive clubs. They will be inclusive cults.

CNBC: Telehealth start-up Ro has hit record sales every month since expanding pharmacy business pre-pandemic

CNN: Instacart now valued at nearly $14 billion after 'unprecedented surge' in demand during pandemic

Business Insider: Meet the 26 healthcare startups that top VCs say are poised to take off amid the coronavirus pandemic

Laura Chau: Content consumption habits in the age of COVID (beyond just Netflix while you work)

Laura Chau: 6 consumer tech trends to watch in a post-COVID world

New York Times: Be a friend to the elderly, get paid

FierceBiotech: Humana, NQF argue COVID-19 spotlights need for population health evolution

BuzzFeed News: It was meant to be an app to help immigrants lead a normal life in the US. now it’s helping them survive the coronavirus.

TechCrunch: Investors, including Dan Ciporin, forecast the upcoming trends in social

Travel and Leisure: This app will bring senior citizens the companionship they need right now

STAT News: Telemedicine can blunt the cost of unnecessary emergency visits for Covid-19

Forbes: Consumerization of healthcare expands beyond lifestyle products to tackle Covid-19

The Wall Street Journal: How the failure of spurred Julie Wainwright’s RealReal success

Fortune: Telehealth startup Ro partners with Pfizer to give its ED business a boost

Bloomberg: Learning to love pre-owned clothing even when there’s been sweat

TechCrunch: Lily AI raises a $12.5M Series A ket by Canaan to accelerate its e-commerce recommendation tech

The San Francisco Chronicle: The RealReal to open flagship store in San Francisco

Laura Chau: Brud, identity and storytelling

Laura Chau: WhatsApp and the suppression of status

Laura Chau: Slack as a social app

Byron Ling: Announcing our Series A investment in Uniform Teeth, the orthodontist in your pocket

Laura Chau: The status tipping point and the social <> status cycle

TechCrunch: Uniform Teeth raises $10M for its teeth-straightening operations

The Wall Street Journal Video: Turo, the "Airbnb for cars" is taking on traditional car rental companies

Laura Chau: Social media - A game of status

Forbes: What is really driving The RealReal’s new partnership with Burberry

Fortune: This party kit startup’s new hotline could save the day this holiday season

Inc: Could this startup give Party City a run for their money?

CNBC: Papa named to Upstart 100

Maha Ibrahim: Nails that fit you and your lifestyle, with laser precision :) - Our Investment in ManiMe

TechCrunch: Using 3D imaging, ManiMe sells custom-fit stick-on nails

Town & Country: Draper James just launched perfectly preppy party decor with Coterie

Byron Ling: What would you pay to cure loneliness? Our Series A investment in Papa

CNN: Burberry partners with The RealReal to test reselling high fashion

Bloomberg: No Whole Foods, no problem - Instacart shakes off loss of grocer

FierceHealthcare: Tech startup, Papa, tackles loneliness among aging seniors

Vogue Business: Burberry’s partnership with The RealReal signifies a real shift

Harvard Business Review: How VC can help more women get ahead

Vox: The RealReal isn’t buying a department store anytime soon, CEO Julie Wainwright says at Code Commerce

Watch: The RealReal CEO Julie Wainwright sits down with Kara Swisher at Code Commerce

The Wall Street Journal Video: A $5K secondhand outfit? Inside luxury consignor The RealReal

WSJ VC: SmileDirectClub’s IPO draws cheers from teledentistry rivals

Axios Pro Rata Podcast: Facebook for immigrants

People: Reese Witherspoon’s Draper James teams up with Coterie to design adorable tailgate accessories

TechCrunch: The Inside adds sofas to its custom furniture lineup

WoVen Podcast: Building a brand (and a dream) with fewer, better things - A conversation with Karla Gallardo

The Wall Street Journal: IAC to invest $250M in car-sharing app Turo

Forbes: Why the founder Of Kin Euphorics wants us to replace booze with bliss

WoVen Podcast: Feeding the world (and saving the planet) - A conversation with Julia Collins

Variety: Superplastic raises $10M to turn Janky and Guggimon into animated Instagram stars

The New York Times: The RealReal IPO - Secondhand fashion goes mainstream

Barron's: The next big IPO is trying to Be Tiffany, Amazon, and a pawn shop rolled into one

Byron Ling: Learning to rise wisely with Kin

ABC News: How some moms supplement income working for grocery shopping apps like Instacart

Brendan Dickinson: On the Journey

The New York Times: The new sobriety

NPR: Why suburban moms are delivering your groceries

WoVen Podcast: Whipping up magic, from cupcake mogul to serial entrepreneur - A conversation with Candace Nelson

CNN: People are sick of drinking. Investors are betting on the 'sober curious'

The New York Times: Cool nonalcoholic drinks for your sober summer

Popular Science: Meditation apps want to calm you down on the same device that stresses you out

Yahoo Finance Video: Coterie founders want to elevate the party experience

TechCrunch: Journey launches its real-time group "Peloton for meditation"

Bloomberg: Ikea startup boot camp tests life beyond flat-pack furniture

Washington Post: As millions of dollars pour in, esports teams offer varying visions of the future

Forbes: Is Silicon Valley coming for rosé?

CNBC: This esports team just raised $46 million, and its investors include Will Smith

VentureBeat: Embroker raises $28M to help businesses find the right insurance policies

The New York Times: Can the Birkin bag survive the resale market?

Vogue: How sustainable is consigning clothing? The RealReal is glad you asked

Axios: Drake invests in esports startup Players' Lounge

Crunchbase: Spark Networks swipes right for SF dating company Zoosk

VentureBeat: Forte and Ripple form $100M fund for mainstream blockchain games

Bloomberg: A new Honda for almost nothing? Car sharing becomes a sales tool

#CanaanFounders: On what's keeping them up at night

Vogue: Meet Tia, the new women’s clinic making gynecologist visits less stressful

#CanaanFounders: How far would you go to get your dream hire?

TechCrunch: Tia launches a clinic that places the menstrual cycle at the center of care

#CanaanFounders: On raising funding for the first time...and the worst "pass" excuse they've gotten from a VC

Introducing #CanaanFounders: A rapid-fire Q&A with company builders, in 280 characters or less

TechCrunch: Coterie promises to deliver charming party kits to your doorstep

CNN: This startup makes your parties Insta-worthy

Laura Chau: A new way to party – with Coterie

WSJ: The Inside founder's guide to scoring décor deals online

Fast Company: Your Wes Anderson fantasy room is just a few clicks away with The Inside

Bloomberg Video: Cuyana buyers love "fewer but better" products, CEO says

The Business of Fashion: With $30M round, Cuyana eyes US expansion

Entrepreneur: 'Fast' furniture? This founder spent years forming her business idea -- and launched when the timing Was right

CNN: Instacart CEO reaffirms IPO is 'definitely' on the horizon

The New York Times: Tycoon of the pre-owned

Laura Chau: A prescription for how the healthcare industry can spark joy

SF Chronicle: Politics wasn't on his mind. Now Turo's CEO is fighting for other immigrants

Forbes: Bellhops raises $31.4M to make moving less miserable

Inc: Bumblebee Spaces named a world-changing startup to watch

Fast Company: For Cuyana, the leather tote bag wars are personal

Forbes: Adina Tecklu named to 30 under 30

Forbes: Hootie Rashidifard named to 30 under 30

TechCrunch: Turo’s new dongle will let customers instantly find and unlock cars

Slate: Cuyana & closing the gap between luxury goods and affordable fashion

Laura Chau: The beauty industry is ready for a makeover

Forbes: Three Canaan investors named to Forbes' 30 under 30

SF Business Times: Peer-to-peer car sharing companies like Turo rapidly hiring as market hits gas

VentureBeat: Drivetime raises $4M for voice-based trivia game for drivers

Bloomberg Video: Bumped takes stock in new phase of customer rewards

CNBC: Bumblebee Spaces is making robotic systems for your home so you can store stuff on the ceiling

Forbes: At $7.6B valuation, Instacart says IPO 'on the horizon'

Inc: Julie Wainwright of The RealReal named top female founder

NYT: Get in bed with Skynet and Bumblebee Spaces

Maha Ibrahim & Dan Ciporin: Next generation investors for next generation entrepreneurs

Byron Ling: What’s next -- joining Canaan

Laura Chau: West to east

Fortune: The summer of venture capital promotions isn’t over yet

Forbes: Luxury brands can't ignore fashion reseller The RealReal anymore

The Los Angeles Times: The RealReal's first SoCal store boasts a dedicated men's space, a handbag vault and a 'sneakerdome'

CNBC: Online start-up The RealReal to open its second luxury consignment store, as e-commerce brands keep growing

CBS News: Bellhops mover walks 12+ miles to first day of work, CEO gifts him a car as thanks

Reuters: Old fashion - Vintage boom buoys RealReal and jolts luxury labels

Forbes: This VC firm just gave two twenty-something investors $20 million to find the next Snapchat

Adina Tecklu & Hootie Rashidifard: Canaan Beta for alpha

Fashionista: Investors continue to pour millions into online resale startups

The New Yorker: The RealReal's radical vision of secondhand luxury

Bloomberg: Don’t call it retro. ‘Archival’ is the hottest thing in fashion

Bloomberg Video: Julie Wainwright on VC funding for female founded companies

Dan Ciporin: What home is

CNBC Video: How luxury bags could make you money

The Financial Times: The RealReal deal - how to make millions from your fashion cast-offs